What is this kwinoah stuff? OHH!. . . That’s the KEEN-WAH stuff you’ve been talking about? Funny way to spell it, Q-U-I-N-O-A. . . .  Now, who is the authority on how to pronounce this new sweetener, STEEEEEVia? Anybody want to meet me at Cheee-poe-tlay for lunch? I’m not even going NEAR Ah-sigh-eeeee. . . .

Not only is learning to eat healthier good for your body, it’s wonderful for your vocabulary . . . although potentially hazardous to your ego. . . briefly. It seems like we are beginning to get more adventurous with our eating, and opening ourselves to trying new, exotic and foreign foods, but there awaits the ever-present and ominous choking hazard. . . choking on a mis-pronunciation. Even when you listen to an expert in the culinary field, you may switch to another channel and hear the same word pronounced a little differently. I did a google search on “How To Pronounce Chipotle” and here’s what I got. . .

But, wait. . .

At a party this weekend, I heard 3 different pronunciations of “chipotle.” Two of them were total wrecks: “chipoltay” and “chiploatlay.”

We’ve apparently had this problem as a nation for quite a while. ” Tom-ay-to, Tom-ah-to. . . Poh-tay-to, poh-tah-to,” let’s call the whole thing, fun.

I’m no expert on vegan cooking, but this strip came from watching an episode of “Christina Cooks,” with our friends, Christina Pirello and her musical accompanist, Jon Michaels. Jon commented that he was willing to try what Christina cooked, but he was still a “steak and potato guy,” mostly because he couldn’t remember the names of half the stuff she cooked.

At the Green House, Pam is a vegan and Todd is just an average guy who grew up on the “Great American diet” (of somewhat disasterous food). Pam respects Todd’s dietary choices, but is trying to bring him along slowly to a healthier way of organic, clean eating. Sure, we could just make Todd love all the stuff that Pam eats and advocate a healthy diet- but that’s not the reality for most of us. It’s a slow process, an interesting, exciting adventure. And it’s also funny! We like funny, we need funny. We need to keep it real, laugh at ourselves and be willing to make mistakes along the way. It will help that Pam is a Special Ed teacher. She’ll need a lot of patience with Todd.

What was the last funny food moment you had, the last great foodie revelation, the last time you looked at the veggie isle in a health food store and asked yourself, “what the heck is a jicama or whatever new foreign food that caught your eye?”   (It’s “Hee-com-ah”. . .  I think. . .     ;0) )


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