I just broke into the Green & Blacks organic dark chocolate bar (70%). . . it’s 9:30 am. . . I had coffee earlier, my smoothie at 7 am, a few nuts and I’m sitting here staring at the computer trying to figure out what to write about that’s relevant to today’s strip. . . then it came to me. Or called to me. . . the chocolate in the pantry. . . Wormy’s showing me the answer and I’m not even noticing. . . go for it.  The chocolate is calling . . . it’s not like you do it everyday, just grab a piece, savor it and then hang on!

Channel your inner Wormy. Sometimes we just overthink this stuff. A lot of information doesn’t always translate to knowledge or “know how,” or wisdom. . . it’s just stuff there confusing you. When your tummy hurts you need to heal it. . . you need that “gut feeling” and you need to allow a gut reaction.

I’ve been starving at my core for a long time now, trying to put all my knowledge and experience of writing to use for the greater good. The greater good of mankind and Bradkind. . . I need to make this Green House thing my future, my today, my purpose and in all sincerity the part that I’ve been struggling with is the physical writing of it. It’s like there’s a wall in me that I walk up to daily and scribble on. It’s really entertaining if you step back and read it. . . but there’s SO MUCH more on the other side of that wall. So much more space to scribble on. . . and (Holy Wormholes!) . . . there’s a bunch more walls!!!


I think all creative people have a wall. Some walk up to it daily and walk away. .  some walk up and knock down a few bricks until there’s a hole big enough to crawl through. Some run up and vault over it. . . you get the idea. . . I’ve been trying to plan the perfect door to build and calculate all the materials I’ll need to make that door work perfectly. . . but lately I’m jumping. . . a little higher each day. I’m writing stuff on the top of the wall now.

Today I’m throwing a chunk of chocolate over it and then scaling the danged thing to get to that chocolate!  I’m almost to the top and ready to . . . . wowwwww. . . . it’s amaaaazing on the other side. Ready to jump. . . . . . I jumped. . . landed . . .  and the chocolate is delicious.

What’s been holding you back? What’s your wall? Need to talk about it? Need some chocolate? I’m right over here. . . toss me a note or climb over and join me! Crap . . . Wormy just told me he tunnels under the wall everyday. I gotta start paying more attention to that worm.



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