My daughter, Carly is a Taurus and this comic represents her to a Taurus “T.” She’s typically interested in things like Horoscopes, but the first one to call “BS” when she sees it. I used to like reading my horoscope (Scorpio) when I was younger. . . and I’m a believer in Astrology, but I find that newspaper Horoscopes often left me thinking, “huh?” 1354533449_taurus-positive-traitsKind of like fortune cookies, they are a neat little novelty to get you thinking, which is also a positive mental trigger.

Today’s comic came from a real life moment, and my response. Here’s Pam’s actual online horoscope for today: “This isn’t a good time to climb up on soapboxes. People are watching out for any signs of pomposity, and may have even brought some rotten tomatoes to hurl at unsuspecting pedagogues.”

I had to look it up. . . pedagogues are by definition, teachers. Don’t throw any tomatoes at your teachers today non-Taurusians. . . totally unnecessary. Wait till tomorrow and see what your horoscope says, maybe something like, “it’s a good time to mend fences, apologize for any rotten tomatoes you may have thrown yesterday.”

For Pam’s sake, I’ll listen to the horoscope and not try to make any profound statements about horoscopes. I also just put some rotten, well, soft and shriveled grape tomatoes into my worm composter, so pedagogues, relax. . . I will say that everyday is a chance to write your own destiny, your own plan, your own tomorrow. You determine your ‘scope!

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