I set up a couple Worm Composters last summer. . . one of the large, multi-tray composters and one small portable one for doing classroom lectures. They’re both doing great and the worms seem happy. . . eating away. Coffee grounds are supposed to be a great “snack” for the worms- as it’s listed in Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm literature. . . and I can’t help thinking that the worms are looking forward to their morning “pile of joe.”

Peter and I are just starting to put together an educational workbook & poster about composting for kids (and adults who like fun pictures with their information). We’re planning to start doing talks for libraries, schools, museums etc for late spring and summer. . . and we’ll be bringing along a tub of hard working worms to show the participants. I just hope they don’t start making me stop at Starbucks on the way to the “gig” for a “jolt.” Although I would kind of like to bring them in and tell the barista that they’d like a Grande Groundaccino.




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