I met a person recently who simply had a warm, caring glow about him. We got talking about our long winter and all of the negativity presented in 2 months of sub-normal temperatures. . . and all the snow, etc, etc . . .  He agreed with my mild complaining, but remarked on how he’d gone over to his elderly neighbor’s home that morning and spread some salt & sand so they could be safe on their driveway – and then he commented: “My father was always happy in the morning. His motto was, don’t ever feel that you’ve started your day until you’ve done something good for someone else. My father was always happy because he started his days the right way. . . I try to live up to his standard.”

What a simple, yet awesome philosophy. Start your day with a simple, good deed- giving a smile to someone, helping someone, a kind word.  Sometimes we attach risk to going out of our comfort zone to help others. . . sometimes we attach risk to making ourselves happy. I agree with my friend’s father’s motto- but would also add that putting yourself in the right space to enlighten others is also a great way to start the day, then help as many people as you can. I can also argue with myself that thinking about the opportunities ahead to help others, or brighten someone’s day is the first ray of sunshine we should all feel.

Then, step out of your comfort zone and do whatever it takes to bring the sunshine.

What’s your morning philosophy? Or are you ready to start working on one? Share your thoughts and bring your sunshine to all of us, here on the blog or on our Facebook page. every_sunrise



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