*Welcome back to the Green House!

Let’s get reacquainted with the family. . . At the computer is Pam Green, at the TV is Todd Green. The Green’s are a 20-something couple. Pam’s a Special Ed teacher (& yoga instructor) and Todd’s a cartoonist. . . There’s a group of critters you’ll also be getting to know: Mantis, Link (a liberal blogging rat), Honeybee ( A holistic healer) and Wormy- a little worm who dreams of saving the world as “Earthworm! The World’s Most Down-to-Earth Superhero!” Nothing new and unusual here. . .

Actually, if you look at today’s comic closely, you’ll see that Pam’s web search brought her to Link’s Underground- the rat’s web page. Well, who do you think writes the stuff on Wikipedia?

Over the next few months we’ll be introducing you to the whole cast with new comics, three days a week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday- along with our blog. On Thursday we’ll be posting a page from Peter’s Sketchbook.  . . see how our characters and ideas develop from a few strokes of a pencil to more finished concepts- always presented with Peter’s writings and insights.

Friday is GreenHouseGraphics Day! A  new infographic each week that will help keep you smiling as you grow greener with us!green-driving-practices_50feb7706aa41

What’s the green message in today’s comic?. . . I’m gonna reach a little here. . . with my toes. . .  If you want to save energy and find greener transportation, you can always “hoof it.” Walking- if you can, is always choice #1. Bike is #2. But what if you just have to use the car? Fred Flintstone had a unique way of combing pedal power with foot fuel . . .  it worked for him and Wilma!

On the left is a neat graphic we found with some simple thoughts on Green Driving Practices. I think the most important way to conserve fuel is to think before you drive. . . save up trips and create a route to be the most economical with your driving. Be conscious of your course and purpose. . . is it REALLY necessary to get that widget today, or can it wait until tomorrow when you’re going to Whole Foods– a block or two from Widget City? Plan a few days of meals and get the most out of the trip to the Green Grocer, even if your original trip was just to get sushi take-out from Golden Panda. . . Take out and tomorrow’s groceries- perfect!

Every “drop” of thought will save many drops of fuel. It all makes a difference. Please share any thoughts you have about saving fuel and driving greener. And please post on our Facebook page. . . it’s where we get down and dirty. . . (dirt as in earth). . . in a green way!

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*Why “Welcome back” ?

Well, we started The Green House back in 2007- and we’re reinventing it and sharing with you here eight years later! Read more about the earlier years of The Green House in tomorrow’s blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

Brad & Peter


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