Peter and I were working together one day and talking about music. . . Naturally, when old guys start talking music, it usually leads to Bruce Springsteen and works backwards from there. And then somehow, we started coming up with these silly ideas about comically denoting great moments in the ’60’s- which led to “Little Known Hippie Facts.”

For some of these you have to really know your “hippie trivia.” We lived it, so it’s kind of second nature. . .  We came up with a dozen or so of these and sprinkled them into the Green House every once in a while just to keep it weird.

Hearing about two young girls in Texas who had their lemonade stand shut down last week reminded me of this . . . and so we’ll start with this one.  Let us know if you get it or have your own Kool Aid or lemonade stand story.

Ken’s was successful, and it looks like the hippy philosophy is still alive and well!


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