Is it just me?  I find I cry at almost any movie or slightly sentimental moment lately. I am emotional with song lyrics. I smile at the smiley moments of almost every Facebook post or happy Youtube video. . .    My nephew was asking me about my most emotional movies and I basically said, “all of them.”  I don’t remember being so easy to stir emotionally when I was younger. . . maybe I was tougher or perhaps cared more about trying not to cry? I think I’ve gotten older and just “let it go.” It feels good to be moved by the moment. . . even some of the cheesy Hallmark Channel movies my wife watches get me. Are there movies or songs that make you cry EVERYTIME? The end of “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a no-doubter for me. Do you think you’ve become an easy Weep Target as you’ve grown older?  Sniff. . . . it’s so beautiful to experience all this amazing emotion!


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