I’m showing you all this Sunday strip from 2007 for two reasons. . .

1. How bad my writing can be. . .   and 2. How tremendous Peter’s drawing can be.

This is not the worst strip I’ve ever “approved” and finished, but it represents perfectly those times as a writer when you’re “real close, but still far away.”  The basic idea that Todd’s physicality is badly lagging behind Pam’s get’s across, but there’s something not quite right about how it’s presented IMHO. I liked it well enough back when it was composed and sketched out- but it hasn’t stood the test of time for me. I know it’s hard for you all to believe, but I’m not always brilliantly funny and clever. Not so  hard to believe?

Seriously, what I LOVE about this strip is how Peter drew it. . . drew Pam in the background and then interwove her perfect yoga poses into Todd’s slow-paced sit up. He saved the strip with the depth of his caring about the art and connection to character.

Below is a larger version of the strip if you want to click on it and study it more closely. I love doing that with Peter’s stuff. . .

Have a great weekend and see you back on Monday at the Green House!


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