I love looking at pictures of the Earth from space. It looks like a colorful marble with the blue connecting all the greens. Not so different than my little Blue Heeler, Bhu, the star of my comic strip “Buddha’s Dog” that I created during the Green House’s few year interim.

In 2010 I got to thinking what it would’ve been like to be Buddha’s dog for 20,000 or so lifetimes, fetching him sticks, guarding the stupa, expertly barking the 8 fold path. And what would happen if Buddha was forced into exile and sent Bhu out into the world to continue with Buddha’s mission? He would grab his good friends Deepak, a deep thinking Hindu pachyderm and Master Chi, a Tai Chi playing, bamboo floor licking panda to help him bungle the job further.

Here we see the three wise guys try to bring some peace into Chance’s stressful world outlook.

Buddha’s Dog. Waking Up Humanity With A Cold Nose.

How do you align with peace? Do you meditate, take nature walks, play music?

In what little way to up lift humanity by lifting up yourself?

Your little connection to joy goes a long way.

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GH_Buddha's Dog on Peace

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