We’ve all been there. . . when life is like a Country song and there’s “too much month at the end of the money.” What I like about this strip is the priorities. . . charity before “mad money. . . ” others before self. Todd may be upset at the balance in his “mad money” account. . . but it’s inspiration and motivation to do more as we’ll see very soon in The Green House.

My favorite writings about money- and self-value are in Dan Millman’s “Everyday Enlightenment- The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth.” I remember reading the book back in 2007 and loving every bit of it and making an internal pact that I would follow these writings and embrace the Twelve Gateways. . . except for the Fourth one- because I didn’t have much money and was just “getting by.” I obviously needed a kick in the “gateways,” because it’s all there, even for those who have nothing financially. . . I just wasn’t in a place to align with these teachings. Millman opens the chapter with this:

The Fourth Gateway~ Manage Your Money

“Money is neither god nor devil, but a form of energy. Like love or fear, it can serve you or bind you, depending how you manage it.

By clarifying your goals and using your gifts, you can make good money, doing what you enjoy while serving the highest calling of your soul.

Using money wisely, and well, you increase the material and spiritual wealth with your world.”

555345429d77c3bdabe4988fb81b1420Pam obviously has learned these lessons well. . .  I’m still in “Todd-ville.”  Yes, I’m re-reading
“Everyday Enlightenment” this month! :0)

Do you recall a moment in your life where you had that revelation that you could be doing more, not necessarily working harder, but working smarter and opening yourself to be more. . . to receive more? Share your thoughts and stories. . . someone at the Green House is waiting to be inspired today! As always, the conversation is always happening on our Facebook page. . .

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