Yesterday I told you about my Mom, and taking her to see “An Inconvenient Truth.” She was moved to start learning more about environmentalism by the movie. . . and my final takeaway from our discussion over REAL ENVIRONMENTAL TRUTHS, was that if the movie got her interested in learning, it served a positive purpose.

Wormy is looking at global warming from his own perspective. . . how he feels it- which is how most of us should be looking at it. What feels right? What seems to be furthering someone else’s agenda? From my perspective, I’m okay with being wrong. . . or being told I’m wrong, as long as it opens a dialogue and we can share our individual perspectives. Whatever subject we want to approach in conversation or a comic strip is going to meet with varying opinion and perspective. I’m okay with being “schooled.” I invite it!

I don’t ever want to stop learning or hearing someone’s  point of view. . or “poit” of view. . .     If you look closely at the first panel, Peter chose a great sound effect for Wormy popping up out of the ground. . . “poit!”  Great word, with no meaning unless you know where it’s coming from. In Wormy’s case, he’s coming from a place of deep thinking and warmth. What more could I ask for?

Do you have a good story to share about perspective or are you wondering what song Link was playing on guitar? (Hint: It will be featured in Thursday’s Comic/Post) . . . as always, the best place to share our comments and thoughts is on our Facebook page. . . pop in and share. “Poit!”










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