“The truth shall set you free.”

~Jesus (John 8:32)

Trending now are some really funny memes with Brian Williams- photoshopped as the Captain of the Starship Enterprise- standing alongside Lincoln and Grant in a Civil War spoof. . . In Brian Williams case, the truth may free him from employment. What bothers me most is that a man of his stature can’t just say, ” I lied, sorry.”  It’s the careful fabrication of words, like: ” I mis-remembered the event,” and chalking it up to the “fog of memory” that disgust me.

The truth is often inconvenient, but it truly does set one free. I understand lying. As a kid, I learned how to do it as a survival skill. . . as a young adult,  I learned that it’s all part of the game of celebrity. . . fabricate a line or event a little to make you seem more important, get yourself out of a gig you don’t want to do. . . Use it as a weapon to gain space without hurting other’s feelings. . . a hundred, thousand, million “good” reasons for lying.

I heard this from a friend recently. . . “To be totally honest, I still lie on occasion.”


Here’s another great quote:

“Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.”

~James E. Faust

The most important changes you can make in the world are those you first make within yourself. The truth sets you free and allows you to live in freedom.

Last fall, during a family visit, my cousin’s daughter, Ginger,  said three words that struck a deep and resonating chord in me-  and made my heart sing for her. In a conversation we were having with her and her parents, Greg & Debbie, she replied to her Dad, “I don’t lie.” And she meant it.

Ginger is totally free. Her life may be occasionally inconvenienced, but she will always be free.

Three words that in this world can mean a future filled with happiness. If you never lie, you are always living in truth. Amen, Ginger. Keep it real, keep it honest.

What are your thoughts on Brian and inconvenient truths? Do you think Ginger should be the new NBC Nightly News Anchor? As always, join us on Facebook where we can share a great, truthful dialogue. . .

IMG_1280Greg, Ginger & Debbie Schiff

“Catching Some Rays at Fenway.”


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