I listen to all kinds of stuff on the radio, NPR (mostly), Red Sox Games, Rock Stations, Country Stations, Clark Howard, Late-night weirdness on Coast To Coast with George Noory. . . and yes, sometimes Rush Limbaugh. I like to hear everybody’s opinion because it’s all about balance for me. . . I have my liberal side and my conservative side. . . and I really only turn the radio off and put on Pandora when I get disgusted with pomposity, rudeness and self-serving rhetoric. . .  Politically, I hear this from both sides (but mostly from Rush).

So. .  I went to a Melanie concert last night (yes, “Lay Down Candles (in the rain) Melanie!) , and started getting back to my hippie-dippy green roots. . . and realized that she’s still out there with her original “love one another” message. . . and that’s what I need to focus on now. . . being an old guy with a young heart and a green mood. . .  t’s about surrounding oneself with positive words, music, people and vibes.

I’m working on all new material for The Green House, including a book about Composting – and I decided that I needed to start motivating myself with reading ten minutes of inspiring writing every morning before I start work. I pulled a few books off the shelf to sit on my coffee table, including: “Lit Up Inside” by Van Morrison,  “The Simple Living Guide” by Janet Luhrs, “Beautiful and Abundant” by Bryan Welch and “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” by Jim Henson- the Muppets and Friends (compiled by Jim’s daughter, Cheryl). After reading my ten minutes worth of Jim Henson quotes, I found myself feeling the spirit of Jim Henson once again. . . reminding me of 1981 -86 when Guy and I were creating  “Jim Henson’s Muppets Comic Strip” and channeling the soft-spoken, gentle philosophy of the amazing Jim Henson (and Melanie was playing on my cassette deck).

Working with Jim was about creating something “good.”  Something that made people smile and remember the child within themselves. . . open up to the world around them and let it all in. . . and this little book is full of that goodness. I grabbed the right book first, friends! Since those early days, I believe Jim’s spirit has helped shape my philosophy on creating. . . do it because it’s good, it’s right. . . it makes life more fun for people.  As Jim said, “Life is meant to be fun, and joyous, and fulfilling! May each of yours be that. . .”

And mine is just “that”. . .  and I need to remind myself every morning (noon & night) that I’ve been blessed with wonderful family, friends and friends I haven’t met yet. . . and it’s all about making the journey fun, joyous and fulfilling.

In essence, what I’ve discovered about being a “Greenie” ties in to what the words in “It’s Not Easy Being Green” represent. . . caring.

Peter and I are working on new material and new versions of The Green House that we’ll be debuting by the end of October- – and I’m so excited about the work Jim’s words have been inspiring me to do. . .    Shutting off the mid-day talk shows and focus on being green. . . as my friend Kermie would say, “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!”  And as Melanie would say, “Let your white birds smile up- At the ones who stand and frown.”  She might also say “yaaay!”

Gonna share the positivity. . .




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