I found this comic from 2007 where we reference “Girls Gone Wild” and one of my favorite shows, “Living With Ed.”  Personally, I’m so happy that the “GGW” thing is in our past. . . it always pissed me off how these people were using young women and denegrading them. . . we’re all young and impressionable at some point- why do people have to abuse innocence for profit? If girls want to get topless, fine. . . I’m not against that. . . but getting them drunk and selling their images pisses me off.

“Living with Ed” was fun though. . . I liked how he was struggling to have his wife and family see his “visions.” Ed Begley, Jr. continues to be a role model for me. . . keep seeking information and live by example. I should talk to Ed about having topless girls on a new show introducing new energy concepts and helping Ed clean his solar panels. . . Girls Gone Eco?

I emailed Ed back in 2007, showing him our work and his caricature- and he replied in person, telling me (and Peter) to keep at the Green House, that we were ‘kindred spirits and he was glad we connected with him.’ Really nice guy who loves to share information. . . I like his style. He has a new book out about Sustainability and a great website: http://www.livingwithed.com

Here’s a great interview with Ed, where he gives us a fantastic tour of his home and his sustainable concepts. . . he should be an inspiration to everyone. . . he is to me.


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