It’s another beautiful day here at the Green House! The weather has been odd. . . in a good way, mostly. July- like February. . . March-like April. . .  June-like . . . hopefully JUNE? . . .    As Mark Twain said about New England weather, “WTF?”  That’s not really a verified Mark Twain quote but he must have asked, “what’s the forecast?” as least once or twice in his lifetime.

Things have changed rather abruptly for us in the Green House too as we began looking into the reality of our “business plan” going forward. . .  just like the 80 degree days that popped up out of nowhere in April- the sun began to illuminate a path for us and our work.

Realizing that we have SOOOO much we want to do and just a few months until a new year is upon us, we have decided to do as Pam is doing in today’s comic. Put the “inside” out. . .

“Ohhhh, ahhhh. . . . (the little voices in my writer’s head are saying. . .) Brad- that’s such an mysterious statement. . . is it a metaphor for your life’s ambition?. . . Is it an astral projection?. . . Is the cat at the door with it’s legs crossed?”  All of the above!

In the next few blogs, we’ll be revealing our new path and talk about the steps we’re taking. It’s kind of like we’ve been walking up to the forest and saying, “Yeah! Let’s walk through this thing!”  And then finding the trail head. . .  all the signs pointing to interesting stops we can make along the way. . . so we’re going to put what’s inside us – out to y’all and see what you think.

We’d love to get your feedback and comments about what interesting stops you’ve made along the trail. Did you see a Mantis? A worm? A young couple carrying a houseplant?  There’s fun stuff to see and talk about “out there” and we’re glad you’re here to share it with us. . .  I think you’ll enjoy our new focus.

We’ll be making a big announcement shortly. . . maybe something about a book?  Maybe a new website or two. . . there’s a lot hinging on the month of June!


Now. . .  the “inside part” & “hinging”  and getting our houses in order . . here at the Gilchrist house- my hallway and the two doors that lead to vastly different destinations: the garage and the bathroom. . .  ( I could try to find a common denominator or tie- in here. . . but, um. . . nope . . .    :o)    )

Part of our new focus is about the small steps in the big journey of life. . . how to do it greener, simpler, more consciously. Yes! BE CONSCIOUS Brad. . .  stop ignoring that high-pitched squeek everytime you open a door. . . wow, so many metaphors here that I’ll have to pass, lest I keep you on this blog all day. . .  Here’s my Red Green Tip Of The Day:


The squeeky wheel. . . in this case, hinges. . . got their due this morning. After (at least) 1,000 trips to the bathroom and garage, hearing those awful squeeks and ignoring them, I finally decided to play Home Handyman this morning. A few whacks of a hammer. . . the hardest part- getting that pin to pop up out of the paint, not put the screwdriver into the wall or door, and getting that little space to extract . . . pull the pin, steel wool it down a bit and apply a few drops of the miracle 3-in-One oil. . . Note to anyone else who I am inspiring this morning: LEAVE A GAP WHEN YOU REPLACE THE PIN- JUST ENOUGH FOR A SCREWDRIVER HEAD (IN ABOUT 20 YEARS). . . Two doors have been made silent and functional. Yay! As Red Green would say, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”


See you in a few days, at the (suddenly more quiet) Green House.


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