Sometimes real life writes the strips . . . in those situations, it isn’t always funny.  Fortunately, I don’t mind bringing home a plastic bag every once in a while. I find uses for them around the house, or I fill a plastic bag with plastic bags (anybody else have a special place for that plastic bag full of plastic bags?), and bring them back to the store for recycling every couple of months or so. I also find uses for paper bags at home, so those work too. . . but why can’t I just remember to grab the cloth shopping bags whenever I go into a store?

It’s not just the grocery store. . . I bought a new pair of jeans last night and got to the checkout line, and thought, “Why didn’t you bring in a shopping bag?” I carried the jeans au-naturel. It’s probably just my scatter-brained nature. I’ve tried putting them in the front seat so I won’t forget them. . . I’ve tried putting the shopping list in a bag . . . that one works if I can remember to do it- at least I don’t end up in the shopping line without the bags. . . and now some markets have signs on the door or in the parking lot reminding us to grab our reusable bags. . . but you have to be conscious to notice them.grocery_bag_1

I’m sure I’ll get it someday, but in the meantime, I’ll always think of this strip when I’m walking back to the truck for my bags. If only they could talk?. . . . Ah ha! Sensors in the shopping bag connected by Bluetooth to an app on your phone that set off an alarm if you get more than 10 feet away from them! Or, I could just make sure I only go shopping with my wife, she always remembers.

It’s probably just a “cartoonist thing.”  What are your secrets for remembering your shopping bags? Any good bag related stories? We’d love to hear them and share them with other “cartoonist minded” folks! Please leave your story in the comments below or as always, we have the best conversations on our FB page!

NOW. . . where did I put the shopping list? . . .

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