Growing up in Avon, CT, my (step) Dad was an upholsterer. . . he knew everything about tufting, sewing leather, tying springs & stuffing cushions. . . and he learned the trade from his father. He was a whiz at bringing old chairs back to life. . . but he hacked his way through everything else around the house. When something needed to be done, Dad tried. . .then Mom would send us to get Frank, Rene’ or Roy. If something electrical needed fixing, we called Frank next door.  Problems with the car?. . . go get Rene’ (also next door on the south side). . . and for EVERYTHING else, we yelled for Roy.

Roy was the gentleman farmer three doors down who seemed to know a little about everything. . . plumbing, farming, woodworking, paint, roofing, fences, trees, tile, town government. . .  He was Mr. Yankee-ingenuity.  I’m not taking anything away from Frank or Rene’. . .  both wonderful, talented, hardworking and generous men, but Roy had an air of mystique about him. Quiet, gentle and good-natured, he had the barn, the tractor and a smart wife, Edna. Roy was the guy Frank and Rene’ called when they needed something.

I was so fortunate to be in a neighborhood with three wonderful neighbors who were always there for us. . . and I’ve always held their images to be what I’d like to be as an adult. We often need help, advice, an extra hand or just the smile of a neighbor. . . good people who will be there for you. We created Roy as Todd & Pam’s neighbor to fill those big workboot style shoes. . . and also give him a sagely sense of humor. He’ll always be there for them. . . and us. . .  although, in our new version of The Green House (debuting later this summer), we may be changing his name from Roy to . . .

Sorry, that’s our little teaser-  and another good story for another day!

Who was your “Roy?”  Convince us we need to consider your former (or current) neighbor as a next-door-guru for the Greens! Comment here or on our Facebook page where the conversation’s always happening.

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