Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. . . create power from moonlight?  Not likely anytime soon, but the idea shone like a lighthouse beacon toward a really good pun. What I like about this strip is connection to the characters that we get in the small moment in time it captures in the life of the Greens. Beyond the attempt at humor, we see that Todd’s reading his favorite blog, Link’s Underground. . . Pam’s doing yoga and you see the small, intimate space they share. To me, the “atmosphere” of the strip is as essential as the words. . . it brings you in and sets the scene, creates familiarity and comfort. This is where they live, it’s where they relate and we’re getting a sneak peek in. This week, we’re focusing on just that- establishing the setting, getting inside the Green House, which as the strip starts out, is a small apartment in Barely Green, USA. . . I just made that up. . . Anywhere, USA is overused and suffering from economic depression I’m told. Even the dentists there are having to get creative to make ends meet!

I love the molar panel idea though. . . if there’s no sun where you are- get out and suck up the moon beams and let that energy carry you till morning. Enjoy the day, enjoy the sunshine if there’s any where you are -and if not, store up all the moonshine you can! Uh . . . make that moon light!


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