I’ll admit it. . . I listen to Rush Limbaugh. I occasionally watch Hannity. I also listen to NPR and love Colbert and The Daily Show. I’m a firm believer of listening to everyone. We tend to listen to people who we know we’ll agree with and believe the news that suits our position. I’ll watch a movie I’m told is terrible, read books “no one else liked,” and be open. Every artist has fans, every speaker has followers and admirers. It’s sometimes very difficult to see what others see in a person or work, but if you look closely and observe with open ears, open eyes, open mind and open heart, you’ll hopefully (at the very least) find something of value.

Link is a liberal blogger and listens to Rush. . . it’s something of a “know your enemy” approach and a motivator. Plus, apparently, it saves a few kilowatts. . .



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