A Sketchy Way Of Tapping Into Your Natural Resources

I am so grateful for my sketchbooks. They are, without a doubt, the bridge that connects my inner whims and creative bursts with the outside world. It is how I bring to life ideas, passions and dreams. If I can imagine it, I can draw it. If I can draw it, it is possible.

There’s been times when I’ve given up on my dreams because I just didn’t have the resources to pull it off.   You know what I’m saying…

If only I had enough money, more support, a bigger office, an iPad, my studio door on the north wall (it’s a feng shui thing) … my career would really take off!

This is like looking for diamonds on a city street. They’re just not going to be lying around on the surface ready and ripe for plucking.

Our rarest, most natural resources are not found on the outside. Anything of real value will take some digging.

Fortunately you will not need a drill.

Maybe all you need is to get a little sketchy….

There are two types of resources: external and internal.

The external resources: money, opportunity, support, is only half the equation. But we are taught that it holds more power than it should. That it is ALL there is. Some people have it and some don’t. And this is true to some extent. Without the internal resources the external resources becomes a crap shoot. Life becomes a gamble.

Sketching, doodling or noodling is just one way to tap into your internal resources.

We have within us a vast reservoir of constant flowing resources ready to be tapped into at any time. It’s who we truly are. It’s our natural state. We have all experienced this place some time in our lives. There are more resources, truly more of “us” than we realize.

Everyone has it! Not just the lucky, the wealthy, the talented, the beautiful… but everyone. It’s this deep connectedness that is most human in us. It is our humanity. Each individual has a unique and necessary way of expressing this connected place. That is your work. Not your job, your work.

You DO your job. But you LOVE your work.

Here’s the thing. Though these internal resources are vast and deep it doesn’t take heavy machinery to get to it. It’s closer than you think, literally just a breath away. Breath is sometimes all it takes drop us out of our heads where stress, panic, and “not enough” live.. into vast pool of abundance and possibility. Where would you rather live?

When you master internal resources, everything is easier.

Mastering your internal resources will create bigger and better external resources.

Allowing opportunity and possibility to show up. Opening doors where there was once only wall.

So take a breath and get sketchy. Who knows where the bridge will lead.

I want to know, how do YOU connect to your internal resources? Do you meditate? Run? Play music?

Let us know below.

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