In the creative moment, there’s one side of me that wants to check out mentally and meditate . . . and there’s the other side that is struggling to create the piece, whether it’s writing, art or any project.  Finding the balance is the key- and for me, I’ve  always been able to find the creative spot of productivity easier with a partner.  I have the hardest time doing work when it’s just “me.” Put me in a room with someone else and I’m a brilliant, creative dynamo. . . by myself, I seem to start creating a second (or third) personality so my brain has someone else to play with, get approval from, create synergy.  I’m always happy, energized, excited by the opportunity to solve a problem for someone else.  By myself, I think about it WAAAAY to much.

Everything gets twisted up and complicated when I’m trying to work by myself.  But when I’m working with Peter, I get it done- the cords get neatly wrapped and the solar panel is connected and producing energy.

Maybe it’d be easier to be a worm and draw another face on my tail to create that second entity in my mind. . . Any thoughts. . . please share them, I need the connection. . . :0)


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